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mISDNnotify – ISDN call notification for linux

Mittwoch, 08. September 2010

For some time i used isdnlog from i4l with a little bash script that calls knotify to display a notification. But after my distri has removed hisax modules form the kernel, i had to find something else.

But i couldn’t find sth. that uses mISDN or CAPI for call notifications, so i’ve decided to write my own app.

I found loghex.c in mISDNuser written by Karsten Keil and extended it to show notifications on incomming calls.

mISDNnotify uses the org.freedesktop.Notifications.Notify DBUS interface, which should work on all desktops (i just tried KDE4).
Additionally it can call a url (with the number appended)  and display the content of it in the notification, also it can cache these messages so it doesn’t need to look up it every time.

The build dependencies are glib-2.0,  dbus-glib-1 for the notifications, curl for the weblookup and sqlite3 for the cache.

The source can be found at Github:

There are still some problems, but i’m sure i will solve them.